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Recycling & Solid Waste

Services provided at the Lucas Town Hall

Open Tuesdays 3-6 pm & Saturdays 2-5 pm

Single-Stream Recycling

"Single stream" means that all recyclables are placed loose in the same dumpster - they do not need to be separated. Recyclables we can accept include:

  • #1 and #2 plastic bottles and jars
  • Aluminum, steel and tin cans
  • Glass containers
  • Corrugated cardboard (no food-contaminated cardboard or paper)
  • Office paper
  • Newspaper and newsprint
  • Magazines, catalogs, and other materials on similar paper

Please flatten cardboard boxes before placing them into the dumpster. Rinse all plastic, metal and glass containers until they're free of residue.

The recyclables are taken to a center where a machine separates them: please do not tie, bag or box the recyclables. They need to be loose in the dumpster.

Trash Disposal

All trash must be contained in Town of Lucas trash bags. The bags are available for $1.50 each at the Bob & Steve’s BP Station in Knapp, Torch’s Valley Bar, and the Kyotes Den Bar & Grill. These businesses are distributing the bags as a service to the community; all proceeds from the bag sales are applied to the Town’s cost of the trash disposal.

Spring and Fall Cleanup Days: Some items that do not fit in Town of Lucas trash bags may be disposed of during scheduled Spring or Fall cleanup days. We will post the schedule and a list of accepted items on this website. There may be a fee for some items. Click here for a list of accepted trash and recyclables from a past cleanup day (note that fees are subject to change).

GFL Environmental (formerly Menomonie Disposal) offers a home pickup service for many items.

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