Welcome to the Town of Lucas!

The Town of Lucas, located in northwestern Dunn County, is predominately a rural community with many steep wooded hills. Residents enjoy the rural atmosphere of the Town. The large number of active farms and gently rolling topography contribute to a rural character. Water resources, such as Gilbert Creek, flowing springs, ponds and wetlands add to the open, rural feel. The town envisions a balance of residential and business growth with rural atmosphere, preserving agricultural land and natural resources.


By April 1, 2020 you will have received an invitation to complete the 2020 Decennial Census.  You have the choice to complete the census online, by phone or by mail.  It is extremely important to the Town of Lucas that you complete the Census – Census numbers directly affect our funding.  Census data is used to determine the distribution of more than $675 billion annually in federal funds to local and state governments. Census data is also to make decisions about what community services to provide, road repair, school planning, future community planning, business planning (both new & existing), and a number of other ways.  The 2020 Census questionnaire will consist of fewer than 10 questions per person – a 15-minute time commitment.  Strict laws protect the confidentiality and privacy of respondents and the information provided.  The U.S. Census Bureau cannot release any identifiable information collected to any other agency, including law enforcement.

For the benefit of our community we are asking that when you receive your Census invitation next March that you take the 15 minutes needed to complete the Census.  Your response will directly affect and help our community for the next 10 years.

Please take time to fill out your 2020 Census questionnaire.

Thanks, Town of Lucas

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September 22, 2020

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