Alcohol and Operator License Applications

Several alcohol laws and forms have changed effective in 2024. For a summary, click here.

For new and renewing bartenders:

  • Operator License Application (to serve liquor)
  • $17 fee per person for background check
  • New applicants must provide proof of completion of an approved training course within the last two years or proof they have held a retail license,
    manager's license, or operator's license anywhere in Wisconsin within the last two years.

To apply for an original or renewal alcohol license:

  • Alcohol Beverage License Application (Form AB-200)
  • Fees:
    • $100 for Class "B" beer
    • $300 for "Class B" liquor
    • $17 per person listed in Part C of Form AB-200 for background checks
    • $15 publication fee

Each person listed in Part C of Form AB-200 must complete:

If the business is a LLC or corporation, they must designate one agent:

To apply for a temporary permit for a picnic or other event:

Return all forms and fees (check made out to Town of Lucas) to the clerk at the town hall (address below), or put in the drop box at the town hall.