Ordinances & Permits

Township Land Use Permits/Building Permits:  Steve Olson 715-235-7160

Dog Licenses: Barb Lande 715-235-1158


Alcohol Licensing

Review of Alcohol Bevg & Opp Lic Apps.pdf

Criminal History Rec Info Search.pdf


All Terrain Vehicle Use & Routes.pdf

All Terrain Vehicle Use & Routes 1.pdf


Election Law Changes.pdf

Elecion Poll Hours & Election Workers.pdf

Fire Fee

Fire Arms

Open & Concealed Fire Arms.pdf


Weight Limits & Heavy Vehicle Opp Permits.pdf

Husbandry-Road Weight Limits.pdf

Regulating Dep Plow on Roadways.pdf

Rules & Regs for Private Roads by Town Board.pdf

Road Construction Agreement.pdf

Land Planning

Subdivison and Platting.pdf

Amendments to Town Land Division & Subdivision Code.pdf

Plan Commission Approving Amendments to Lucas Comprehensive Plan.pdf

Adopting Amendments to Comprehensive Plan.pdf

Public Part for Amending Town of Lucas Comp Plan.pdf


Blasting and Use of Explosives.pdf

Licensing of Nonmetallic Mining Sites & Ops.pdf

Moratorium on Expansion & Creation of New Non Metc Min Opp.pdf

Resolution to Oppose Frac Sand Facility.pdf

Explosives & Blasting Activities.pdf


Town Right Of Way Use By Utilities.pdf

Resolution Employee Grievance Policy.pdf

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The website version of the Town of Lucas Code of Ordinances is for information purposes only and may not reflect the most recent ordinances adopted by the Town Board. For the most current information, the Town Clerk should be contacted [(715) 232-9212; the Town Clerk maintains the official copy of the Town of Lucas Code of Ordinances.  Please refer to the copyright and terms of usage statement in the PDF Code document for further information.